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The problem is that before the ad manage to reach potential customers, a parody of it, made hastily by the Klub Komeowy TV channel, went viral. Within a few days, it was the parody that gaine 1.4 million views, and everyone is talking about the advertisement. For now, rather negative, but the creators of the Apart ad certainly could not have dreame of such reach in such a short time. There is a possibility of a comfortable rest after an eventful day and renting the entire resort for an integration group. However, in the case of a young team, it is worth focusing on unusual solutions.

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In this way, there is the possibility of even stronger group integration. Thanks to the original accommodation places, new ideas for spending time together with friends from work may also appear. Integration events – Commplace agency One of the ideas we propose is camping. This form of integration trip will be perfect for those groups where whatsapp mobile number list mainly young people work. In this way, you can actively organize the time of the whole group. But what attractions can appear on a similar trip? Survival Course Survival courses are becoming more and more popular. They are usually organize by people who have had to do with the military. In this way, the guide or the person conducting the course is able to convey really interesting knowlege.

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Does anyone on the team know how to start a fire if no one has a lighter? Or maybe they are eager to learn how to climb trees or determine their location in unfamiliar terrain? Such skills can be useful if someone gets lost in the forest or goes School Email List on a mountain hike. Then it is easy to lose your way or stay after dark in a place that is not friendly. Certainly the whole team will appreciate a similar attraction. Such a course is a great way to actively spend time together and learn new skills. However, it is worth booking a place well in advance. In the case of good sites, the deadlines may be distant. Evening campfire by the tents Good food, wood and sticks to punch the next dishes.

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