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By the way, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Jeleniogórska Valley. Ruins of Prince Henry’s Castle Prince Henry’s Castle was never actually a castle, it was a ruin from the start. They were built at the beginning of the 19th century, as part of the fashion for romantic buildings. Prince Heinrich LXII von Reuss ordere this hunting lodge to be built, because Grodno Hill (504 m above sea level), the highest peak of the Łomnickie Hills, offers unforgettable views of almost the entire Karkonosze range and the picturesque Sosnówka.

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Chojnik Castle The meieval Chojnik Castle is a real attraction. This is one of the most famous castle ruins in Lower Silesia. According to the legend, the Chojnik castle was inhabite by Princess Kunegunda, who subjecte candidates to her hand to severe whatsapp mobile number list trials. If someone faile the test, they quickly ende their lives in the abyss, in Hell Valley. It is a 150-meter cliff locate on the south-eastern side of the castle. Already in the 19th century, Chojnik became popular and was visite by many tourists. There was even a restaurant there.

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Today, knights’ tournaments are held there for lovers of the old ages. As well as games and fairs for the inhabitants and guests of the Jeleniogórska Valley. Forbidden feeling – Chojnik and Prince Henry’s Castle There is a romantic legend associate School Email List with these two castles. Great love, fathers who hate each other, secret trysts. Contrary to appearances, however, this is not a story about Romeo and Juliet, but about our native unhappy lovers, descendants of the von Reuss and Schaffgotsch families. The Spirit of the Mountains met them when they sneake out for a secret meeting halfway between their castles – Chojnik and Prince Henry’s Castle. Karkonosz, move by their feelings, aske how he could help them.

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