This is what people call Arm’s flexibility

This is what people call Arm’s flexibility. Xu Dayong, director of application engineering at Arm, explain that after the server market enter the cloud from the early days when Dell and HP dominat Enterprise Server, the industry landscape also chang, and public cloud began to become the basis for large-scale computing. horn. “The public cloud owns the Software Stack and Workload. It is the person who knows its software workload best. It is also the person who theoretically knows best which hardware conditions can be combin to maximize software efficiency.”

These public cloud companies do not pursue maximizing computing power, but rather find the best balance between performance, customer nes, power consumption and cost. “To find the right fit, you often have to do it yourself.” This is why Arm launch the Neoverse product line in the server market. For example, the Neoverse V series is specially design to pursue high-performance computing (HPC) and especially strengthen floating-point computing. Performance and scalability sub-product lines, or Neoverse E that focuses on CP value and emphasizes low power consumption and high throughput. These sub-product lines can meet a variety of server nes with different purposes.

Only by understanding the final

use case and designing the CPU according to the usage scenario can we achieve better efficiency and achieve the best performance Brother Cell Phone List of the product.” In other words, standardiz CPUs cannot meet the customiz nes of infrastructure. Customization has become Arm’s trump card in the server market.

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How can generative AI turn the semiconductor industry upside down

Generative AI, l by ChatGPT USA Phone Number List and Midjourney, has completely disrupt the global software industry, and at the same time, everyone has begun to frantically accelerate the pursuit of computing power. “Generative AI does start from the most upstream IP, all the way to IC, semiconductor process and even packaging, pushing the entire semiconductor to accelerate progress.”

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