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Remember that the products on your website should. Be a response to the customer’s needs. In addition, in e-commerce. Of course, online advertising, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Works well. The first purchases will also be encouraged by promotions on the occasion of the opening of a new store. Free delivery, products for the price of. Attractive discounts valid for. A limited period or a gift for the first few people who make a purchase. Don’t forget about the legal aspects of running an online store Online shopping sometimes creates uncertainty and fear because consumers are not sure who is manipulating their data and what is happening with it.

Competition How To Prepare For A Possible

To provide them with maximum sense of security, as well as to streamline the purchasing process, take care of a few important issues Shop rules, Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data, the famous GDPR, privacy policy, returns policy, returns form template. At the same time, remember that online shopping phone number list gives the consumer the right to withdraw from the contract and return the goods without giving any reason within days from the moment of purchase. The clearer and more detailed information about the consumer’s rights, where to find the return form, who manages his data and how to remove it from the database, the more likely he is to make a purchase.

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In Times Of Market Turbulence

How to open an online store? Summary There are many indications that the tendency of online shopping among Poles will continue to increase. This is perfectly demonstrated by the data from the report “E-commerce in Poland in ” conducted by  Gemius – more and more Poles buy online and they do it more willingly. If you School Email List want to keep up with the. Popularity of e-commerce in our country, it is worth considering moving your business online.

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