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Two weeks ago. the German Institute for Marketing Research conduct an analysis of the social mia channels of candidates for the jungle camp. is crown. let’s take stock of who has the most fans. We choose the king of the social mia jungle. To do this. we analyz the number of followers of campers on the five most important social networks ( . . . . ) before and after bush camping. Jungle Camp Fan Analysis As the infographic clearly shows. Angelina Haig has garner the most followers since the show began. despite her voluntary withdrawal from the show in the first few days. But she cleverly us her days off to keep fans updat on social mia.

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Jungle finalist) doesn’t allow herself that luxury. but thanks to regular posting (by management.!). she earns a solid second place (followers).  also measur when dear celebs came into camp with varying numbers of followers. And lo and behold. the China Mobile Database number of followers has grown incrible. The feral presidential candidate went from follower (before entering camp) to follower in two weeks. Walter Freiwald’s interest in the audience is palpable. Hopefully there’s an employer or two among the fans. What about Maren Girzer. Can the queen.

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Of the jungle and public darling School Email List gain a following beyond her call of duty. Absolutely! As the former alphabet fairy (who has spelling issues) begins her royal tenure. the number of followers continues to grow and now outnumber her.  camp prisoners far in our infographic. By the way. not all candidates will protect their profiles in all common social networks. Now enough free riders use it to create fake profiles. This article was publish in Tags. blue sparks. couple dancing. Product Management Seminars All Dates Throughout the Year Overview Product Releases Do you want to restructure your product management. Are you new to this role and looking to break into.

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