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Attitudes that explain buying behavior and decisions. emotional connection to a brand is a prerequisite for overcoming perceptual filtering. We explain purchasing and decision-making behavior in more differentiat and complex ways. We start with motivation and ruce personal factors to attitude. which is the most stable factor over time. Then we add the human element. Unfortunately. none of these methods today offer any actionable advice for corporate marketing communications. Due to digital options.

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The lines are becoming more and more Azerbaijan Email List blurr. so the target group. e.g. according to socio-demographic criteria. Is there a way for neuromarketing to move beyond the digital combination of big data. marketing automation. social mia. and touchpoint content marketing. The knowlge level of their website has a lot of concepts and methods to discuss if you are interest. I’m happy to get an answer. ö who. Provides nationwide project management for effective marketing communications. Master the analog and digital tools of classic. e-commerce and mobile commerce. and social mia. Make your company’s marketing and communications effective again. U. Hamburg U Dear Sir. Thank you for your comment. In the conceptual.

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Distinction between hard and soft factors School Email List factors). we refer to the implementation of the above studies. In principle. however. we agree that you may object to this classification. You ask if we only use emotion to explain buying decisions. Of course. we would not explain such a highly complex process at a single causal level. BTW. we didn’t do that in the post above either. We simply point out that the influence of emotion on purchasing decisions is sometimes underestimat. You also ask if we thought an emotional connection to a brand was a prerequisite for a perceptual filter. A. No. we do not.

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