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Best Stealth Marketing Events (Tickets) on the Austria Email List topic of Stealth Marketing in the current section of the blog. Do you remember those yellow bracelets that everyone want to wear on their wrists. Lance Armstrong wore a yellow silicone strap for the first time during this summer’s Tour de France. Like his motto. no other expression has shap the fight against cancer so enduringly. Lance Armstrong himself is battling testicular cancer. When he develop testicular cancer in . his chances of survival were slim to none. In . he found the foundation to support cancer patients through support. ucation and support of cancer research.

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Two years after his diagnosis. he was racing School Email List the  develop the silicone wristband with sporting goods manufacturers Nike and Armstrong. The athlete should be honor for his six consecutive Tour de France victories. The simple yellow bracelet. with just one engraving. should be as iconic as his winning jersey and as durable as the wearer. However. Nike did not brand Lance Armstrong’s bracelet. Together with pursue three main goals. Honor the fighting spirit Inspire other cancer patients to raise more money for cancer research All proces should go to. Then.

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