An Introduction To Shopee Partnering With Split Dragon

Shopee Partnerize is a new partner program that sellers can use to get additional incentives from their sales. Sellers can benefit when their Partner link is shared across multiple social media platforms.

When a buyer clicks and buys a product via that link, the seller not only increases their sales but also earns additional referral commissions in the process.

What Makes Shopee Partners So Important?
Social media users make up a large percent of the Southeast Asian eCommerce market. By targeting social media users, people are encouraged to go to your store on the Shopee app.

How Does It Work

The image above is a simplified representation of how the marketing model works. You will share your product on social media paired with a catchy text as well as your Partner link.

As soon as a potential buyer clicks on your link, he will be redirected to the Shopee app or the Shopee download page if the potential buyer has not installed the app.

Instead of being greeted by the Shopee homepage, the first thing a potential buyer will see when the Shopee app opens is your store’s business page. From there, he’ll be encouraged to browse your store and place an order.


Your incentive will be calculated per one order
There will be an incentive ceiling (Incentive ceiling depends on your country of origin)
You also need to have a minimum incentive balance before requesting payment (The balance amount depends on your country of origin)
How to Join Shopee Partners
Shopee Partners

First you have to register through phone number list this Google Form . You will know once Shopee has approved your application as you will receive your account details via the email you provided.

When you are logged in to your Partner account, go to the Campaigns section and click Join Campaign.

Check the box from whatever Shopee location you live in. Also make sure to tick on the terms and conditions of the agreement. Click Join Selected Campaigns.

Wait for Shopee to approve your application for the campaign. Check this page from time to time. Once approved, the status will change from Pending to Approved.

How to Create Links

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Once Shopee has approved your application, log back into your Shopee Partnerize account and navigate to the Tracking section.

Go to your Shopee Store page. Copy your shop URL and paste it into your NotePad or word processor.

This new URL will be your deep link. Paste it in your Deep Link text box on the Shopee Partnersize platform.

Copy the tracking link to the clipboard. This is the link that you will post on your social media to direct potential buyers to your business page.

You can also create tracking links for School Email List specific products. Go to the specific product page and copy and paste the link into your NotePad or word processor.

Again, you need to enter “universal-link” after Copy and paste the resulting link into the deep link text box. After that, separate tracking links for specific products will be generated.

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