Intro To The Shopee Suki Program By Split Dragon

Shopee Suki is a new program that Shopee PH sellers can use to earn bonuses from their sales . How does it work? When a seller decides to join the Shopee Suki program, he will be given a code which he can share with his customers. Every time, a first time buyer completes an order in his shop, he will receive 50 PHP bonus. Sellers also have the opportunity to get other additional bonuses depending on the bonus level. We will talk about bonus levels later in this article.

How To Get The Shopee Suki Code
Program Shopee Suki

Open your Shopee app and tap the My tab at the bottom of the screen.

But before you do that, you should learn about the Shopee Suki Terms and Conditions first. You can read the full agreement by clicking on the link below the Activate Shopee Suki page.

Meanwhile, we will also summarize it for you.

Outperform your competitors & increase your sales in next 30 days.

Be a successful market seller

To be eligible for the Shopee Suki program, you must be an active seller. These are Shopee’s requirements for a seller to be considered active:

Registered Shopee sellers who sign up for Shopee Suki within 30 days of verifying their account.
Shopee sellers with no history database of prior account suspensions
Sellers must have at least one item visible on the Shopee platform
The seller must have sold at least once. In addition, items sold will only be counted if there is no return or refund request. Delivery must also be carried out by an integrated courier.
The Shopee Suki Program Level Scheme
The seller receives two bonuses. The first is the 50 PHP bonus they receive from buyers who complete transactions for the first time on the Shopee platform.

In addition, sellers also receive a second bonus which is based on their current level in the Shopee Suki Program.

There are six bonus levels. See the table below for a better understanding of the program’s reward system.

Shopee Suki Rewards System table

Level Orders Completed Every Week Second bonus


There are actually only five levels in the program. However, Shopee added a zero level (marked with – symbol) to relate to Shopee Suki registrants who are not eligible for the second bonus. Level zero Shopee Suki sellers are those who only complete one to nine orders each week.

Once a seller has reached 10-49 completed orders, he will be able to receive 500 PHP on top of the original bonus they got from the Shopee Suki code.

Level 2 sellers are those who sell 50 to 74 completed orders each week. They get 1000 PHP bonus.

If you are able to sell 75 to 99 completed School Email List orders each week then you jump to level 3. As a result, you will get 1500 PHP bonus.

Selling 100 to 149 completed orders will qualify you for level 4. The latter rewards you with an incentive of 4000 PHP.

You reach the top tier of the program once you are able to sell 150 orders and ups per week. As a reward you will get 7500 PHP bonus.

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