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The writer’s position has become clearly combative: her ideas about the vindication and rescue of women and Indians , both crush by submission to society, are a constant. The image of a combative intellectual stands out. In 1892, she creat the printing press “The Equitable”, made up mainly of women. Her political participation is intense. Later, when Nicolás de Piérola assum the presidency in 1993, Matto de Turner would leave Peru never to return. She di in Argentina in 1909. Francesca Denegri, in her study titl The Fan and the Cigarette Holder , when talking about Matto de Turner, points out that “it seems appropriate to consider her as an organic intellectual” (Denegri, 2004: 213).

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That is to say, Matto is an intellectual whose objective is to give cohesion, ideals, and identity to the social classes with which she identifies. In that sense, her vision would be not only critical but also proactive and moralistic regarding the establishment of a change in social ties bas on assuming models of modernity. The writer designs this figure in her novel Aves sin nido through the romantic image of the Marín b2b leads home. They are cultur, modern, their spirit of solidarity confronts them with death and the contempt of the authorities, but also with the recognition and appreciation of the indigenous and mestizos.

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 Birds without a nest would not only be a national allegory; but also an allegory of the Peruvian intellectual project of the late 19th century symboliz in the Marín home. Francesca Denegri, when she talks School Email List about the women of Killac, highlights her combative character: “Lucia, the tenacious apostle, continues unfailingly, exhorting her interlocutors, who do not miss the subversive nature of her words. ” (2004: 238). We can also see it in the following fragment and note the reference to the complementarity between Lucía and Fernando in the following passage.

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