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Lucía lov her husband too much to have kept nothing from him, and it is necessary to explain to him that intimacy inherent to marriage that realizes the charming theory of two souls merg into one, forming the happiness of the husband, which allows him to read, like an open book, the heart of the woman, who when giving her hand did not avoid the tenderness of the soul in love, like the offering of lasting love sworn on the altar. Marriage should not be what is generally thought of, granting it only the attribute of the propagation and conservation of the species .

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For Cornejo (1989) and Denegri, the last three lines are the definition of the Marín’s rebellious objective. For Denegri, in particular, it is the expression of Lucía’s attitude towards business email list society, her duty to protest, to fight. But if we read this paragraph as a whole, which also shows the romantic idea of ​​the complementarity of beings, we realize that it is referring to the Marín home. That is the center of the protest struggle. We do not deny that Lucía is a driving force, but Fernando, her husband, is the complement in that fight.

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 Lucía is the fighting spirit, Fernando is the action. Lucía is an allegory of the intellectual. Clorinda Matto de Turner was a woman who at the end of the 19th century began to develop a career as a writer committ to social changes and the fight for Indians and women. Her preaching and motivation School Email List are reflect in her writings and her life is the course of her professionalization , once she leaves Tinta and lives off her writings and ideas . She diligently forg her intellectual profile .Ayacucho, and accompani us in this hustle and bustle kay pacha for 85 years, of which he dicat all of them to the guitar, because the maestro already came into this world playing, and he is For this reason,

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