Protagonist: How to Build Conflict Between Characters?

The answer to this question, apart from an interesting protagonist, is one of the greatest challenges for screenwriters.

The fourth section of the book Heroes & Heroines , where we learn about the interactions between the various archetypes, is in my opinion the most useful part for any screenwriter.

According to the principle ” be curious and don’t judge ” we find out what views and behaviors of our protagonist can cause conflict, transformation or lack of it when we put a different archetype on the other side of the barricade.

This section is a great tool to help you understand how your protagonist interacts (or doesn’t) with other champions.

I suspect that after reading this chapter, you will find it much easier to choose supporting characters for your story. Characters that are not accidprocess Phone Number List willental, but those that will force the protagonist to change with their behavior.

The right pairing of heroes will help you find internal and external conflict in your story. A conflict that any reader or viewer will find believable.

Pros Positive

  • Without delving into the depths of psychology, we can learn about the characters’ motivations in an accessible way, and find out how they will behave in a given situation and why they cannot let go.

  • Easy and enjoyable reading. We get a fairly comprehensive overview of archetypes written in an accessible language.

  • The most interesting part is the interactions between the different archetypes. We find out what issues they argue about, agree on, and when (and if) they transform.

  • It’s good to have the book on hand when looking for supporting characters who will help the protagonist achieve his goal.

  • Examples of pairing archetypes based on specific movies.

Pros Negative

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  • Opponents of patterns will see in the book “cookie molds” for clichéd and repetitive characters.

  • Text formatting and the use of margins for additional notes by the authors can be distracting in places.

  • The book is only available in English.

  • Price. When making a purchase through Amazon, the amount depends on the exchange rate.

You can order The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes and Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes on Amazon.

Whether you write books, movie scripts or audiobooks, all publishers and producers are looking for one thing – an interesting character.

For your protagonist to be believable, you n School Email List eed to know why he “is the way he is”.


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