Which Protagonist Fits Your Story Better?

The book “Heroes and Heroines…” is divided into four sections. The first two sections of the book focus on the basic archetypes.

Male Archetypes:

  • BOSS – dynamic leader, has no time for anything other than work.

  • BAD BOY – he’s dangerous to know, he’s on the wild side of the force.

  • BEST FRIEND – Sweet and safe, never disappoints anyone.

  • LOST SOUL –  a tormented creature, lives in solitude.

  • Charming  – an efficientime to Database maket speaker, creates fantasies.

  • PROFESSOR – cool and analytical, knows every answer.

  • ZAWADIKA – “Mr. Excited”, is an adventurer.

  • WARRIOR – noble master, acts with honor.

The second section is devoted to female protagonists who are almost (though not entirely) mirror images of male archetypes.

Kobiece Archetypes:


  • BOSS – extremely go-getting, climbs the ladder of success.

  • SEDUCER – temptress, she charms to get her way.

  • CHARACTER KID – brave and true, she is loyal to the end.

  • FREE SPIRIT – eternal optimist, dances to inaudible melodies.

  • LIBRARIAN – composed and wise, she holds back.

  • WAY – mortified lady, bends but does not break.

  • MILITARY – A devoted warrior who fulfills her obligations.

  • NURSE – cheerful and capable, she feeds the spirit.

In both cases, the more you know about your character, the easier it is to understand and predict how he will behave in a given situation.

The book ” Heroes & Heroines… ” is very helpful here. After a short description of a given archetype, we get an ordered set for each character: characterist School Email List cs, strengths, weaknesses, origin, styles and potential profession. There is also a brief outline of the specific behaviors and attitudes of the archetype. So we can understand how he will react in specific situations and why.


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