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So let’s see how this question of these future users and the search for these future users in general lookd like in practice. We already have a challenge that is, we have the technology and we know what we don’t know. We have a challenge, so let’s climb the hill and start exploring, let’s start expanding our knowldge or ignorance. How did it look in practice? Damian:Let me start by saying that I joind UIG after the workshop that PaweĊ‚ and Grzegorz were talking about, so I joind when I found out that I was supposd to work.

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Meteotrack and I was supposd to work on agriculture. My knowldge of agriculture was limitd, practically zero, so I wantd to delve into this area and look at it from several perspectives. That’s why I decidd to do Desk Research. I was looking phone number list for information on the development of agriculture, especially when it comes to new technologies that are emerging. There were a surprising number of them. About forecasts for agriculture, about the impact of the weather itself on agriculture and also about the stages of development of various plants.

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Ad that was before working with Project: People. Our cooperation began with a workshop, where we talkd about our goals and School Email List expectations regarding the effects of cooperation. Later I remember that Project: People offerd us a cooperation plan, which we later had to slightly modify. we wantd to do some of the project ourselves as UIG, and some we wantd to do together, especially at stages that were more difficult for us. I think that at the very beginning Project: People did a huge part of the work.

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