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That’s where the idea came from and its implementation was a workshop that we did internally. It lastd three days, we invitd friends or people whom Paweł actually invitd to this workshop. By the way, thanks a lot. Respect for the fact that they wantd to take part in these workshops. Paul:You said it very well in the sense that the weather was both a blessing and a curse for our business. So I know that the weather is actually a dominant factor in most industries and applies to consumer and business customers.

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Ranging from tourism, sports to transport or energy, calculating some energy production costs, etc. So it was a big challenge because we whatsapp mobile number list knew that this our better forecast can help many of these groups, and at the same time it was a curse on the principle that you have to choose a group for which we actually know that there is a lot of pain there, given the current solutions. That is, where it can actually be such a painkiller, not a vitamin. And that was often the case at these workshops.

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We generally have such an offer and such an approach with Damian. Grzegorz, that we do not want to extend technological debt. So School Email List we don’t want to do things, burn trees for apologies, to give birth to things that are unnecessary in this world. So somewhere out there that pain and antidote was very important for us to focus on. So this workshop was really about figuring out what to do next. So we have the technology, we believe in it and we are wondering where to start.

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