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It is because videos on YouTube are the content with the greatest viral potential. Viral marketing – advantages Building huge ranges among various groups of recipients. Low cost of distribution, because users “transfer” the advertisement to themselves. Increasing brand awareness among a large group of recipients. Increasing sales and increasing website traffic. No matter what they say, as long as they say it? As a PR agency, we cannot agree with this statement. Nevertheless, an integral part of this marketing method is the buzz around the campaign. There was even a separate branch, buzz marketing.

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Theoretically, it is best for this noise to have a positive connotation, but many real-life examples have shown that the principle “no matter what I say, as long as they say it” is still strong. Building hype is important because thanks to this, the Latest Mailing Database consumer is not only a passive recipient of the message, but also willing to talk about it. To start effective viral marketing, you nee a good idea. An idea that will cause a stir and stick in people’s minds. Nowadays, it is easier on the Internet, where millions of videos are drowning, which especially young people willingly share with each other. A viral video is one that has been deeme so shocking, funny, or touching that there is an irresistible temptation to share it.

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Send a link via e-mail, messenger, text message, etc. Viral content is often notice by the eitors of technology portals, which ask for the next “internet hit”. In this way, buzz can help increase visibility and interest in your brand or service. We School Email List recommend Territorial marketing for a commune, region, city Can viral marketing be planne? No, viral marketing cannot be planne. No competent marketing agency will promise to go viral as part of b2b marketing activities. It is not the cause but the effect of the campaign. The result is unpreictable. Of course, there are some rules that increase the viral potential of an advertising video. People like to retweet content that is funny, touching or controversial.

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