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Quite long. García zárate: chords in memory of the maestro likewise, and because he deserv it, he was consider living cultural heritage of our country and was given the order of the sun because of all his recording work and musical research (more than 25 albums). His musical career began alongside his brother neri in 1966, when he record más música de ayacucho, a career that he would carry out in parallel with his role as a concert artist, to which he would dicate himself fully after neri’s death.

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In 1980. Arguas said that “the teacher raúl garcía zárate is the most complete example of the stately guitar that fuses all social strata” and i, with my slightest knowlge, reaffirm it when listening to the teacher when i would have been 14 or 15 years old, still in a absurdly racist lima, in a house where the andean was the most mountainous and distant. For me business database it was a meeting of two worlds, which until that moment i had not been able to grasp well. Raúl garcía zárate’s guitar made me understand, with tenderness at times, with andean force at others, that peru is peru and not my worn and gray lima that is succumbing to new soundtracks, to new ways of understanding our peruvianness.

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Flow is a very important concept within positive psychology. It refers to a very special form of happiness: that which is experienc when carrying out activities that allow one to make use of the skills and talents that one possesses. The happiest and most intense moments in life are consider to School Email List be moments in which something is done; They are not moments of passivity. This term was creat by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who describes the flow experience as “the fact of feeling completely engag in the activity for its own sake .

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