Faith Is a Dimension Linked to the

When I was not yet allow into the father’s house of the person who would later become my wife, and I only had to peek inside the door through the crack, one of those Sunday afternoons, with a dying hangover, she escap through the air that devilish arpeggio that at the same time plucks like a sharpening steel and marks the heart with its bass in waves of bass. On that hallucinat gray afternoon I recogniz, according to me, that album 33 that had accompani me since my first forays to the San Marcos University, only that on that afternoon my magical realism conspir in my favor, and to my surprise it almost turn into crying.

Reason and the Basic

Fan in love, deanee, my future wife, open that still mysterious door a little and discover the man who knew how to remove from us the complex of understanding each other and mainly loving each other for who we are: that convolut and millionaire mixture that today welcomes us wrapp in a decay identity. It wasn’t the album, it business lead was the best andean music guitarist in my country; yes, the one who has play for almost the entire planet earth , the one who has receiv so many decorations that he has even lost count, the retiree from the judiciary who never does justice, the amauta who did not earn more than 1,500 soles per month

Epistemological Component of

 He was the one who was playing in the living room of the house and I, envelop in love, decid that I would get marri anyway, but before that they would introduce him to me and let me shake that hand that until that moment I believ was a product of the sound illusion of vinyl. The maestro Raúl School Email List García Zárate was born in Huamanga (corner of the dead), that private concert for his father at the age of 12 was enough for him to begin a career that took him through Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, China, Mexico, Cuba, the Unit States and a geographical etcetera.

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