GSC vs. GKP Comparing Search Volumes for

There are two sources of keyword search volume data. That come directly from Google: Google Search Console (GSC). And Google Keyword Planner (GKP). We decided to compare the numbers between the two and see how much they align. GSC is widely considered the “single source of truth” for accurate. GSC vs. GKP Keyword data because it shows you the exact number of times your. Page appeared in Google’s search results for a specific keyword. So if your page consistently ranks on the front page of. Google for a given search query, the number of impressions for that query in.

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Reflect the search volume (in most cases). As for GKP, its search volume data is known to be a lot less precise. Mainly because: It groups keywords with similar meaning. It rounds executive data search volumes into buckets. And yet, a lot of SEO professionals are perfectly happy with the search volumes they get from GKP and consider them to be accurate. So we decided to run a little experiment and study how search volumes from GKP stack up against the “single source of truth,” aka GSC. Comparing search volumes between GSC and GKP For this experiment, we took 72,635 random keywords in the 1K to 10K search volume range. Then we compared the number of “impressions” in GSC with the search volume data from GKP (for the same month).

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We found is that GKP almost always overestimates “true” search volume: But when a keyword’s search volume accounts for its misspellings, it’s not that big of a deal, right? In fact, it can School Email List actually be quite useful. GSC vs. GKP Well, there are some cases when GKP is grouping things that should not be grouped. And this can be misleading for us SEOs. For example, the keyword “chusky” has a search volume of 550k in the U.S. GKP thinks that it’s a misspelling of “husky” because those two keywords are being grouped together: In all honesty, these kinds of “false groupings” are not common, but they may cause you lots of headaches should you stumble across one of them. 

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