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SaaS marketing is the process of building awareness, increasing interest, and acquiring more customers for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. As a SaaS company ourselves, we’re no strangers to the process. In fact, we’d like to think we’re more than decent at it. Not only have we reached an eight-figure ARR, but marketers also frequently analyze our marketing strategy on Twitter: Like many other SaaS companies, we regularly create content on What Is SaaS both our blog and YouTube channel. But in a crowded world, simply producing content isn’t enough. It needs to be discovered. The “discovery engine” behind our content is search engine optimization (SEO).

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Blog gets ~300K monthly visitors from Google alone: One unique thing we do at Ahrefs is to pitch our product in every piece of content we create. We want you to learn company data how to solve a problem and know how our toolset helps to solve it too. Unfortunately, many SaaS companies avoid doing this due to the fear of being too sales-y. But we’d like to think we straddle the line pretty well. One key reason why we’ve managed to do this successfully is thanks to a score we’ve created called “business potential”: Writing about topics with a high “business potential” score allows us to promote our product naturally. For example, the topic “link building” is a “3” in our books.

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It’s almost impossible to do link building well without a backlink research tool—something we offer. So, in our link building guide, we can naturally talk School Email List about our product: You can’t just create any data study and expect publicity. It needs to be interesting—or at least interesting to people who may cite them (e.g., journalists). One way to find interesting data is to find topics that people are already talking about subjectively and create objective data to address them. For example, a popular question in the SEO industry is, “How long does it take to rank in Google?” And almost every blog post that tried to answer this question based the reply on subjective experience. 

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