How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

The keywords you choose can make or break your SEO campaign. If you make smart keyword choices, you’ll produce content with the potential to attract valuable organic search traffic month after month. If you pick the wrong keywords, your content will only attract low-value traffic or none at all. So how do you choose the right keywords for SEO? Many people overcomplicate this process, but the reality is that it’s not that hard. 1. How to Choose Find keywords with search traffic potential Unless people are actually searching for a keyword, there’s no point in targeting it.

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High for a keyword nobody is searching for won’t send any traffic your way. It simply has no traffic potential. To find what people are searching for, you need a executive email list keyword research tool. Google has a free one called Keyword Planner. The way it works is pretty simple: You enter a topic, and it kicks back relevant keyword ideas and search volumes. For example, here are a few of the ideas and search volumes it gives us for “dog food”: Unfortunately, Google Keyword Planner (GKP) has one major flaw: It only shows search volume ranges, not actual monthly search volumes (unless you’re running ads). Some of these ranges are huge too. You can see above that a few keywords fall into the 10K-100K bucket. This makes it super hard to know which ones to prioritize because the range is so broad.

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Get 10k monthly searches, 40k, 80k, 100k—there’s just no way of knowing. To get precise keyword search volume estimates, you’ll need a third-party tool like School Email List Keywords Explorer. This tool works in much the same way as GKP. You enter a topic/seed keyword, and it shows you keyword ideas and monthly search volumes. The difference is that the search volume estimates are much more precise, and you also usually get way more ideas than in GKP. For example, if we enter the seed keyword “dog food” and check the Matching terms report, we get over 416,000 keyword ideas with search volumes and other data: Generally speaking, keywords with higher search volumes have a higher traffic potential. 

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