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 They can last “5 years or 5 months”  If you aspire to The Essential generate a monthly salary with niches, you cannot relax, you must always have another one in the bedroom  Once this is known… How much money does the niche that I talked about in the previous post in this series generate me? Well here you have it: Chile niche income from Adsense in October 2021 During this month of October it has generated 456 euros for me . It ranges between 400 and 500 euros per month (congratulations to the readers who got the figure right, we will send you Midas Theme).

What would be the smartest The Essential next step from a strategic

Not bad at all for a recently created niche category email list with just over 15 URLs, that is, very little content. Well, at this point we are going to talk about two things, both equally important: How we got here at the SEO level or, in a few words, “what has been done” What would be the smartest next step, from a strategic SEO point of view, with this niche? Let’s go with point 1. SEO actions carried out The first thing you should know is that they have not been “extremely complex” SEO actions, therefore erase your mind’s expectations of reading something in that direction.

Develop if you want to generate a passive salary

The second thing you should know School Email List is that niches. Work for us because “ we have a system ” and that is what you must also. Develop if you want to generate a passive salary . A system in which (for example) we attack all. The procedures niches with very vertical micro-niches and then we continue. Working on those that are beginning to emerge. With a certain budget per month (it is not usually high). For links and, in this way, we create a kind of . Production chain ” where 1 in 5 stands out, above the others. That is the niche we have at Blogger3cero (as is the case) and it is what I want you to understand.

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