The evolution of brands from sustainable to regenerative

A few months ago I spoke about the role of sustainability as a strategic or communication argument in companies . I mix strategy and communication on purpose. Strategy because I think that to be truly sustainable the transformation must start from the pillars of the company , and communication because I think that for many companies sustainability is more of a makeup that is reflected in a specific action, than one of the pillars of their philosophy. of life. Of course, even if it is closer to a communication action, it always contributes something positive, but I think it falls short. As a more colloquial summary, I could say that I think this type of action is very good (who could be against? Any initiative that benefits the care of the planet is positive), but I don’t think it is so good if it is more of a communication action, which a true initiative

The evolutionWelcome to the era of regenerative brands

The evolutionIn line with the general trend with sustainability as an argument, I have come across an article by .Therefore. BCG (with the same title as this section), in which it goes one step further. He talks about . How . cCompanies must become  regenerative brands . The main approach is that they must not only be sustainable, but they must take top industry data action, they must provide solutions to problems, they must give more than they receive. A regenerative brand is one that takes . Therefore, Therefore, Action to try to solve problems beyond its business , customers and shareholders,

First steps to convert a company into a regenerative brand The evolution

Their role has long ceased to be limited to obtaining an economic . Therefore, benefit in exchange for a product or service. Companies School Email List must assume that by their mere interaction with their customers. Therefore, They are already part of society and that they play an important role in it as leaders. And this leads them, at the very least, to respect it. Which in turn entails implementing a series of policies.  That make it possible (social, environmental, labor, etc.). Let’s say that all.  Companies should have a minimum of. Measures that help them integrate into the . Society in which they participate. This is the starting point.The evolution From here we have to see how to evolve towards a moreTherefore, complete and committed business model.

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