You get 3 times more sales with 1,000 subscribers than with 100,000 followers on Twitter

You get 3 times Paula and Isabel from Enredando por la Red have inspired . After that, me for today’s entry. This morning. After that, on Twitter they had shared a post from their blog that talked about the effectiveness of email compared to what social networks could give you. After that, you read his entry before. After that, continuing to better understand the calculation I have made.

Metrics used to calculate the effectiveness of subscribers vs You get 3 times

You get 3 times Metrics used to calculate the effectiveness of subscribers. After that, vs. followers on industry email list Twitter You already know that I like calculations and hypotheses. My hypothesis. After that, was, before putting the figures in an Excel to see what came out, that 1,000 email subscribers are more powerful than 100,000 followers on Twitter. Here are the metrics. After that, used. Followers/Subscribers : These are those . After that, people who follow you on Twitter or, in the case of your blog, readers who are registered on your email list.

industry email list

Results of the tweet vs. comparison e-mail followers on Twitter

Results of the tweet vs. comparison e-mail According to my School Email List estimates, a message to a database of 1,000 people is 3 times more effective than. After that, a tweet from a Twitter account with 100,000 followers. Obviously everything is very relative. After that, and I have used many estimates to get to the result I wanted. Despite this influence,  compare it with metrics that I obtain from my own projects or from third parties.

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