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But “Digital” without Marketing is boring ! Watch the beginning of this video to better understand what I mean: Marketing Funnel Main concepts of Digital Marketing Sales Funnel As I also show in the video above, the sales funnel is a representation of the steps a potential customer goes through before closing a deal with the brand: Sales funnel and its stages The top of the funnel is the broadest part — the part that attracts new potential customers.

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After passing through the middle of the funnel (convincing), leads are filter and complete the purchase at the bottom of the funnel ! Persona new data The persona is a fictional representation of the ideal customer profile — bas on real data, but invent so that the company can think of the best ways to communicate with this type of individual within the target audience.

Process Model for defining Ideal Customer

And at different stages of the sales funnel )! Tip: Top 10 Keyword Tools + 1 Gift CTA (Call To Action) CTA is the acronym for Call To Action (or Call To Action in Portuguese) and must be add in strategic parts of the content to motivate the user to take a specific action . A common example are landing pages with forms that ask for contact information in exchange for material, as you can see in the following image: Landing page para webinar de Masterclass Inbound Marketing School Email List Traffic Traffic has nothing to do with trafficking — unless you’re smuggling leads! Traffic is the flow of people attract.

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