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Welcoming Lintasarta’s 33 year journey, Lintasarta is organizing the Lintasarta DigiSchool program to support government programs related to digitalization in Indonesia. Lintasarta DigiSchool is a Lintasarta CSR activity in the Pintar pillar by providing scholarships for online coding training . The aim is to produce young programmers who are ready to compete in today’s digital economic world. This year, Lintasarta also provides graduates . Of the Lintasarta DigiSchool 2020 program.  With the opportunity to get advanced. Scholarships in the Advanced class, namely Becoming a Front-End. Web Developer Expert for graduates of Building Progressive Web Apps and Learning Android Jetpack Pro for graduates Learning Android Application Fundamentals . The list of selected participants to receive advanced class scholarships.  At the following  PesertaTerelectBeasiswa . Lanjutan2021 Congratulations to those of you who have successfully. Received the middle class scholarship.

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[email protected] We will distribute middle class scholarship tokens via email to recipients on Monday, April 12 2021. Happy learning, fellow Indonesian developers. Let’s together improve the quality of programming in Indonesia. For those of you who haven’t been selected, don’t be discouraged. Look forward to other Indonesian whatsapp database digital talent scholarship programs from Lintasarta and Dicoding. Greetings and good luck!IT ( Information and Technology ), just hearing the name is cool and trendy. This professional field is a hot topic in the labor market.   For this profession, just touching the UMR figure was very lucky. There are not many large-scale . IT-based companies and the minimal skills. Of the local workforce are the main factors. IT companies that don’t have a name yet and have little business capital will definitely choose cheap labor. This was controversial at the time.

Throughout  the development of the IT world

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This increase is based on the large number of IT-based companies that have emerged and it is easy to obtain capital funds.  Person was considered satisfactory. Here are several IT fields with average School Email List salaries that you need to know. You can also take one of the Dicoding classes . Pursuing a Career as a Software Developer ” to broaden your horizons about the software developer career path options that you can pursue. IT Job Field An IT person is working 1. Database Administrator A database administrator is a part of IT whose job is to help store and manage PC/computer hard disk.

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