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.com site , this profession has an average salary of Rp. 4,147,070 per month . Customer Support Administrator Customer Support Specialist Desktop Support Manager Desktop Support Specialist Help Desk Specialist Help Desk Technician IT Support Manager IT Support Specialist IT Systems Administrator Senior Support Specialist Senior Systems Administrator Support Specialist Systems Administrator Technical Specialist Technical Support Engineer Technical Support Specialist 5. Information Technology Analysts An analyst in the IT field has the responsibility to design and implement technology for their business. An analyst will usually create solutions by collecting and analyzing information, such as market data, customer input, and client information. Through the site , the average salary given by this profession is IDR. 9,346,558 per month . Application Support Analyst Senior

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Information Technology Leadership The IT team is having a meeting Every organization or division always has a leader in charge of managing the performance of its members. In the IT world, candidates selected as leaders must have a strong technological background. Apart from that, he must also be skilled in managing people . Experience in whatsapp data creating and implementing policies for a system to meet objectives is required. And be able to budget the necessary time and funds. Information on salary data regarding this profession in Indonesia is still unknown on various sites. However, based on the site , this profession has an average salary of Rp. 12,000,000 per month . Here’s the division: Chief Information Officer Chief Technology Officer Director of Technology IT Director IT Manager Management Information .

Analyzing information security can help

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companies defend their computer networks and organizational systems. Information security specialists work to design and implement a variety of security measures, such as installing and using software. Usually they will simulate cyber attacks to test the security of a system that has been created. This job is highly desirable for skilled, creative and School Email List honest workers. Currently, Information Security Specialists are most sought after by various companies. The salary of an Information Security Specialist in Indonesia is around Rp. 10,000,000 per month . This data is taken based on data from . Information Security Security Specialist Senior Security Specialist 8.

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