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must have skills in creating a program. It is predicted that the need for this profession will increase in the next 10 years by 21% with the average salary in Indonesia alone being IDR. 5,395,073 per month according to Indeed.com . The following is the division of Software/App Developers: Application Developer Applications Engineer Associate Developer Developer Computer Programmer Java Developer Junior Software Engineer .NET Developer Programmer Programmer Analyst Senior Applications Engineer Senior Programmer Senior Programmer Analyst Senior Software Engineer Senior Systems Architect Senior Systems Designer Senior Systems Software Engineer Software Architect Software Engineer Software Quality Assurance Analyst Systems Architect Systems Software Engineer 9. Web Developer Web Developer is an IT field whose job is to design, create and modify a website. They are responsible for maintaining the website so that it is stable and user-friendly. Some positions sometimes require a bachelor’s degree and some do not.

Positions that do not require a bachelor

Degree are usually in the technical areas of HTML, Javascript, or SQL. From 215 data related to web developers on the indeed.com site , the average salary in this field is IDR. 4,845,033 per month . Here are several paths that Web Developers can take: Front End Developer Back End Developer Senior Web Administrator Senior Web Developer Web ws data Administrator Web Developer Webmasters Conclusion Increase in IT salary As the end of this article, please note that the average salary above is subjective data . Because this data is obtained from companies that open job vacancies through the platform and is accompanied by salary information. A worker’s salary will certainly always increase along with skills that continue to improve. For those of you who are still fresh graduates , of course the salary above is quite high.

The level of experience of a worker

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Also determines the amount of salary received. Apart from salary, companies usually offer other benefits that you might also consider. “I personally think that being able to work 12 hours a day is a huge blessing. Many companies and many people don’t have the opportunity to work this much. If you didn’t work 12 hours a day when you were young, when else will you be able to work this long?” (Jack Ma) Below are several related articles that you can read again to increase your knowledge: Learn Programming Skills to Be Financially School Email List Independent 3 Tips for Proactive Developer Learning to Be Ready to Work at Unicorn 3 Tips from Village Children: Get a Job Offer at Unicorn while studying Why you should learn coding from now on Certification, the main provision for achieving a developer career The following is the link to the salary information provider platform: Indeed.com Glassdoor.com Payscale You can also take one of the Dicoding classes ” Pursuing a Career as a Software Developer ” to broaden your insight into the world of

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