The salary of an IT person is also always

company and customer data. They must protect data from users who have the status of unauthorized users . Some companies need these personnel to provide computer design services. Others work for organizations with big data systems, such as educational institutions, financial companies, and many more. Based on data provided by the site , this field has an average salary of Rp. 5,385,431 per month . The following are some examples of job titles in the administrator database: Data Center Support Specialist Data Quality Manager Database Administrator Senior Database Administrator 2. Cloud Computing Engineers Cloud Computing Engineers is a field of work in IT whose job is to determine, design, build and maintain systems.

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systems and infrastructure managed by cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Through information provided by the media , the salary range for this profession is around Rp. 9,831,477 per month . This field is divided into 7 positions, such as: Cloud Architect Cloud Consultant Cloud Product and Project Manager Cloud Services Developer Cloud System Administrator Cloud Systems Engineer Cloud Software whatsapp number list and Network Engineer 3. Computer Network Specialists Computer Network Specialists are tasked with defining, designing, building and maintaining various networks and data communications systems. Usually a computer science degree is needed for this field. Through the information provided by the site , this profession has an average salary of Rp. 4,141,003 per month . Computer and Information

Research Scientist Computer and Information

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Systems Manager Computer Network Architect Computer Systems Analyst Computer Systems Manager IT Analysts IT Coordinator Network Administrator Network Architect Network and Computer Systems Administrator Network Engineer Network Systems Administrator Senior Network Architect Senior Network Engineer Senior Network Systems Administrator Telecommunications Specialist 4. Computer Support Specialists Computer Support Specialists are tasked with testing and evaluating network systems to ensure everything is running School Email List well. A customer service person will help users to solve problems on their computers. This profession requires at least a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree. Through the indeeddevice to your PC/computer. Open Windows Explorer and select Android device. After that you will see various folders, such as name, photos, DCIM, video, music, downloads, etc. Please select the data you need to backup. Just right click on the copy, then paste it on your

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