Product Industry Connections at Your Fingertips

Reader proposal on new content creation in the niche Product Industry. I wouldn’t complicate my life by searching for new seed keywords. I would simply make a list of the Top 5 of the competitors in my niche. Looking for them to be more horizontal websites. That is, in this search for the Top 5 I would discard niches that were identical to mine and that only attacked the Dicom keyword. I would attack everything they had that I didn’t have, but BE CAREFUL, with this in mind: I would look for keywords that make sense under the initial branding of the domain: queries from the country Chile.

Transactional content and Product Industry two informative support content

I would group them separately top industry data from an on page point of view, new folders, new clusters It would generate one transactional content and two informative support content with internal link to the transactional ones. To these contents I would apply the same content improvement steps that we saw above, in point 1. ### That would be the minimum package of initial actions that I would carry out, which if you do it with detail and care, I assure you that it will take you a long time. Good. I couldn’t have made it easier, these are actions that you yourself could start working on right now if the niche were yours.

How to scale an Adsense niche from 0 to 500 euros

The thing is… it could become one . Think about how an School Email List extra 500 euros a month, every month, would be for you now. And also with the potential to grow even more. If you want to participate in the draw you have to execute. The action explained here .How to scale an Adsense niche from 0 to 500 euros per month. Dean Romero Dean Romero Publication date. November 11, 2021 Article with 73 Comments. Hey what’s up reader! We return to. Blogger3cero with the niche mini series that started. Last week with the presentation of my latest creation .

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