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Sets here (which actually align nicely): the ability to collaborate with people across your own team and organization as a whole, and strong project management skills to ensure the campaigns are run smoothly. Both are learne with age and experience. When I was starting out, I read a lot of books on communication and listene to my mentors’ advice on how to engage with people. I also understood early on that project management skills – no matter the role – are critical for success, because you nee to know how to manage complex programs (from budget to stakeholder/partner alignment to execution).

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I did get a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. I don’t advocate that you do (unless you are passionate about it), but I do suggest you read a lot on  new data  agile project management techniques and tactics and implement them in your work environment. ‘Digital’ now means ‘real-time’ and the agile project management approach will help you succee. 8. Digital Trends Understanding digital trends is important if you want to stay ahead of the curve in your career. Mine is successful because I look ahead and I try to preict what will be business critical or “hot” in the future and position myself to align with that trend. If you do that, you will always be the invaluable “expert” who management comes to when they have questions about “that new thing everyone is talking about”.

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I suggest spending one or two hours a day reading. Subscribe to a list of publications in your industry and in digital that are of most interest to you and set aside time School Email List  to eucate yourself on what’s happening, what other experts are saying, and what your peers across industries are doing. Here’s the key – don’t limit yourself to just your industry. Make sure you look at the best-in-class across the globe and learn from the best. Draw inspiration from wherever you can get it. And don’t be afraid to steal ideas, approaches, frameworks and blueprints.

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