Not having a healthy connection with money

Continuing with the line of thought from the previous point, another big mistake is thinking that marketing has no costs or having that mentality that confuses expenses with investment. Marketing well done can mean investing 5 to earn 500 , if we do branding it is because it works Not having and gives us a very high profit margin on the investment. Marketing is a fundamental asset of the company and branding works with perceptions, subjectivities, images, colors, texts, in other words: we will need a high-quality team . Quality, in turn, has two aspects that, although they seem opposite, are actually complementary:

Not trusting serotonin

Serotonin is the hormone of happiness and, no matter how much we think about it, that state is the most relevant and significant for a person. Have you already imagined that your brand executive email list produces that effect? But to have that power it is necessary. Think this way, if the basis of a strategy is to recognize our person’s pain points, the simple evocation of your brand will give them pleasure, because they will know how to solve their problem. Coca cola understood this better than anyone in its iconic 2009 branding campaign.

Forgetting about people Not having

Buyer Persona, Branding Persona , personalize and interpersonal intelligence. All of these are concepts aimed at humanizing. With what objectives. Be more assertive when making strategic decisions to position our brand, generate empathy, add value to our offer. Interpret and School Email List anticipate customer desires. The usefulness of these concepts is to segment automatically and are very useful for a brand positioning strategy. It is not just about staying in the memory, but about staying in the memory of someone in particular, in an active and differentiated way, influencing when making the purchase decision .

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