Zapier and the benefits of Zaping

A summary of my talk at the World Quondos Record about how and why to automate tasks using Zapier . I was late and didn’t know it yet. When I read the program I saw 14:48 and I simply assumed that it would be the time my presentation began . That morning, tasks here, chores there, I couldn’t think of anything else but to try Bla Bla Car to go with someone to Alicante. Things went well, a very enjoyable trip but, let’s be honest, it delayed me a little . When the GPS showed 10 minutes to arrive, I was already receiving a call from Isa letting me know that it would start in a few minutes. 

Zapier and It was arriving the Saint

Hello here, hello there while Isa put the microphone on me with a “dude, you’ll do it” look. I took a deep breath, looked at the stage and smiled. It wasn’t planned, but executive email list the chair placed in the middle of the stage didn’t even look painted . After being introduced by Carlos Bravo, to whom I am very grateful for his. Therefore, words, I went up to the stage, took a deep breath, lay down on the couch and began to introduce myself while flipping through slides quickly like when you do.

you know, Zaping… Hello requetehello! How are you doing there? Good? I hope so! I… well, here as always, happy, why am I going to tell you otherwise. This weekend I saw people I wanted to see, I helped break a world record and I enjoyed some super nice times with my girls . On the way back, new challenges and a lot of motivation (although the house hasn’t been swept, but I’ll fix it this afternoon).

What more could anyone 

Well,  Today, as you may have already deduced from the introduction. I bring you a summary of my talk at the World Quondos Record School Email List where I will  discover the concepts. Of automation with Zapier and show you some examples so that, in the end. You dare and venture into this fantastic world of automation. We live in the era of cloud applications.

Therefore, Most of us, especially those of us who move in this world of online marketing and blogging. Use applications for almost everything . TRUE? There comes a time when we end up in a spiral since, faced with a new need. We find an application that solves it and this, in turn, opens new horizons for us. That generates new needs for which we look for new applications. Deny me if you dare. 

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