But building a house without a floor

Search engines : SEO ! Add to Content Marketing , SEO seeks to place pages in the top positions of Google search results and other search engines (such as Bing or Yahoo Search) in an organic way. Social Mia Marketing When it is necessary to build a humaniz and really close relationship with the target audience with the aim of increasing engagement, Social Mia Marketing works very well! After all, social networks allow you to share content , promote products and services.

What is the BCG Matrix and what is it for

Generate leads and even serve customers — ideas that you can expand on with our material: Practical guide: how to use social mia to build your company’s image special data E-mail Marketing Known in the past as “Direct Mail”, E-mail Marketing generates even more traffic and increases the chances of conversion through highly personaliz emails sent to a list of contacts.

Digital Marketing brings together different techniques


Let’s say you want to build a house using Digital Marketing: The fundamentals of Marketing would involve everything relat to understanding and preparing the land, planning the foundations, materials and necessary professionals. The “Digital” part of School Email List Marketing would bring together all the tools: hammers, saws and tractors. Without the ideal tools, you can still build a house.

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