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The target audience gives a generaliz “bird’s eye view” of the audience involv with the brand, while the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) uses more technical metrics to identify the type of consumer that will bring you the most ROI (I’ll talk about that in a moment!). Process Model for defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Personas Leads Leads are what potential customers are call: people attract by the brand’s content on the Internet who decide to get involv with it! When a lead enters the sales funnel (usually enchant by Content Marketing ), he is qualifi until he stops being a curious person and becomes an actual buyer.

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 Look: What are leads? Learn how to nourish them! Key words The keyword is the term that an Internet user types into the Google search engine, for example, when performing a search. Google search GIF If what he types is the keyword of a page on your website, the chances of it appearing in organic search new database are very high! Knowing which words your personas search for, you can use these same terms in the content creat by the brand to ensure that such content is found precisely where these personas are.

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And direct to your pages on the Internet. When this traffic happens at no financial cost, it is call organic traffic . When money is invest in advertising, it becomes paid traffic . PPC (Pay Per Click) Speaking of paid traffic, PPC (or Pay Per Click) is the type of advertising in which the advertiser pays an amount for each click on an ad! This method is advantageous because you only pay for School Email List real conversion possibilities instead of, for example, impressions (views) of the ads serv — which can be expensive.

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