Which companies are best for affiliate marketing

 There are stakeholders involve that you nee to consider in the process which include: the advertiser: the brand or company that wants to sell a product or service. The affiliate or publisher*: the website that drives traffic to the advertiser’s website. The affiliate network: in simple terms. This is the software that tracks traffic and sales. The consumer: the person who visits the affiliate’s website. Clicks a link or banner and buys the product from the advertiser. *you can say affiliate or publisher when talking about the website that drives traffic to an advertiser’s website.

The social network makes it easy to get start

 The social network makes it easy to get start. And selecting products and tracking is easy through their platform. Many brands special data actively seek out affiliates on instagram to promote their products through enticing descriptions and great photos such as vitamin brand @ritual or luxury towel and robe brand @weezie. Use email for affiliate marketing email is a great way to communicate with your audience and drive sales. With first-party data now becoming more important thanks to the demise of third-party cookies. Email is a crucial part of your affiliate marketing strategy. If you have a newsletter then use it to include links that will drive your audience to merchant sites. You can also send one-off emails to introduce special or limite offers that you have access to as an affiliate.

This is generally a secondary revenue stream on top of youtube ads.

This is generally a secondary revenue stream on top of youtube ads. You can then start earning money through: youtube ads channel memberships youtube School Email List premium (explaine below) merchandise (explaine below) super chat. Super stickers. And super thanks brand connect ticketing funds bear in mind that youtube may pay different rates depending on the category of your video. For example. Business-focuse channels may have a higher pay compare to fashion or travel. 2. Enable youtube premium this is paid membership and you will get paid base on the number of members that watch your videos. 

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