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 Daytona Month Hello, when you mention a web page, please understand a little bit that it is a website where people create a page or blog. For example, if I create my page on a website, I will comply with the legal terms of the website on which I created the page. I have to make other legal provisions. If it is a private page, I make my work public and users can only post comments and details via my email link. Thank you Reply Edouard Rubianes January Hello Damara, you have to have your own legal texts on your website.

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It has nothing to do with the platforms hosting or you own the website, although some points do special data relate to them. All went well. Reply Leave a comment Your email address will not be made public. Required field marked Write here Name Name Email Network Save my name, email and website in this browser for next comment. Legal information Clean business logo I am, web designer. My mission is to help individual entrepreneurs and companies have a modern and fresh website to enhance their image and sales.

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