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The reasons why I publish results reports are I want to open the veil of secrets about the work of lifestyle entrepreneurs and bloggers. It’s extremely easy to throw out advertising slogans like “Make €15,000 in 14 days” but the truth is that you won’t get that amount without work.  completely at a loss as to what to do. I have spent hundreds of hours searching for information, filtering out incorrect and outdated information, testing the correct information, analyzing and reporting the results. It’s great when I can help you move forward faster by preventing you from making the same mistakes that I myself have made along the way.

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I want to expand the field of possibilities that can be achieved with a blog and blogging. I know that a large number of bloggers see Sponsored new data posts and affiliate marketing as the only means of generating income. But it can be more than that. You can use the blog to purchase speaking gigs or build work samples there to support your CV. I want to show that by working for yourself, you have the opportunity to achieve whatever you dream of.  everyone, but I don’t want entrepreneurship to be an obstacle either . It’s great to look back, see what kind of mistakes you’ve made, what you’ve learned and what kind of work has brought you the biggest successes. Previously published results reports: July 2016 results report August 2016 results report September 2016 results report October 2016 results report November and December 2016 results report January 2017 results report February 2017 results report But life is not all about work.

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That’s why I personally set out to build myself a job and a career that makes it possible taking vacations, without forever fighting over who School Email List gets to be with the kids at the same time on vacation no need to be accountable to a boss breathing down your neck you can look at yourself in the mirror and say: ” I did this ” – for better or for worseI can work wherever I want, the office always goes with me. March-August 2017 results reports In March-August, I sold a total of € 41,152.67 before expenses and taxes. March In March, I had big challenges to make sales. In fact, March was “searching time” when I tried to think about the direction I want to take my blog and company. visible in blog posts – and in sales. Since March, I have taken affiliate and partnership sales directly from the bank statement and not from sales reports as before.

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