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Taufiq has pledged to embrace a set of new learning habits. Now Taufiq is more open to try new problem-solving ideas. Stacks that he once detested, were not too difficult overall, he confessed. His trauma of failure has fueled him to prove to himself even more. Now he studies harder than ever. After 2 years of trying, last March he finally made it. Taufq has now obtained the competency certificate from Dicoding, thanks to Bangkit! “Feeling proud that I can grow my skill in Bangkit. A 1 % increase (of skill) each day is enough as long as we never give up.” (Taufiq) Congratulations, Taufiq! Next: Becoming a Certified Associate Android Developer Now Taufiq is in his 8th semester. He intentionally delays his graduation so that he can still join Bangkit. By doing so, he hopes to prepare more viable career options in Jakarta. “Before completing university.

Bangkit is my last shot to shine out

This is my investment for the future,” he continued with his solid remark. After sharing his story in LinkedIn and Discord, he started to receive DMs from other students, asking for guidance. So far, he’s happy to help and share what he knows. Indeed, outside Bangkit, sometimes he’s asked to present Kotlin materials for fellow university students. Even ws number list though he realizes that his knowledge is still limited, he’s happy to get students’ feedback and support. Next, he has a target in mind: becoming a certified Associate Android Developer. Not an easy one, he realizes. It must have been a challenging global-standard examination. No matter how hard, he believes that such a struggle to achieve will pay off someday. A wealth of career opportunity awaits. The Spirit of Bangkit 2021: Never Give Up – end Are you curious to read other student .

Machine Learning Developer and Efforts

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To Suppress Covid-19 #2 A set of 4 Tips to Excel in Bangkit Hello friends! Backup is an important thing, especially if you are an Android user. By doing a backup, you will minimize data loss on Android. The data can be photos, music, videos, files, and so on. So, how do you back up data on an Android device? There are many different ways to back up School Email List Android data, you can choose a method that is suitable and easy to do. A PC/computer is an appropriate destination for storing data. Most people already know how to back up Android data to a PC. But not everyone knows the good and correct method. Of course, everyone doesn’t want to lose their cellphone or experience damage to their cellphone. Therefore you need to save data as a backup on your PC. Before entering into the discussion, you must know the reasons why you have to backup Android data.

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