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y external Android data, such as photos, doc files, videos and downloaded files. So, how do you backup Android data related to the Android system? Android data related to the system, for example installed applications , SMS, contacts, phone logs , and Android ROM. This can’t just be done by copying and pasting, it needs a certain method. Here are several ways you can back up Android data to a PC, as follows: Backup Android data to PC via application Using an application is one of the most effective ways to back up data. Using a PC application, such as Wondershare Mobile Trans, is very suitable for you if you want to back up your data in just one time. application-wonderhare-menuDisplay of the main menu of Wondershare Mobile

Trans Following are the various steps

In backing up data using the Wondershare Mobile Trans application : First install the application on your PC/computer. If you want to back up your data, please click the “Back Up Your Phone” menu. Then connect your Android device to your PC using a data cable. backupdata-wondershare Display of the backup menu from Wondershare Mobile Trans After the display above appears, you can select several data options to back up. For example, when whatsapp database you want to backup Android contact data, you can check the “Contact” option. If so, click the “Start Transfer” button to start backing up Android data to PC. backuphoto Display of the backup process from Wondershare Mobile Trans Please wait for the backup process to complete finish Display of finished backup from Wondershare Mobile Trans OK, the backup process has been completed. If you want to know where the backup file is, you can click “Open Folder” windows explorer

Windows Explorer display: backup files

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The backup file format is .bak . In this example, I am using a Vivo cellphone, so the file name is “vivo 1904_20200414.bak”. When finished, please click close “explorer window” and click the “OK” button on the application display. If you want to restore data from your PC to Android, just click the “Restore From Backups” button on the application’s main menu display. Advantages of the Wondershare Mobile Trans Application: Here are some of the advantages School Email List of the Wondershare Mobile Trans application: Just one click to create a backup or backup of all contacts, SMS, apps, audio, video, photos, call logs and calendars. Selective in backing up photos, videos, apps/files, contacts, music, SMS, document files. There is no hassle in restoring backup files from PC to your Android. Not only Android, this application can also backup iOS data. Works well on LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, HUAWEI, ZTE and Google devices.

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